Root Orb & Care

Root Orb System

The “Root Orb Plant System” is a
patented # 8,607,500 product designed to keep plants healthy &
beautiful as well as provide a beautiful presentation on almost any surface. The Root Orb takes the place of a traditional plant pot by
weaving a plant’s roots in organic material. This allows a unique
visual display of any type of plant in many settings such as plates,
baskets, driftwood and almost any other household accessory. Some of the plants assembled with root orb can also hang from galvanized bent wire.

The Root Orb serves the same function as a conventional plant pot but teaches the plant owner proper plant hydration by providing a visual cue as well as allowing the plant owner to feel when the root orb is dehydrated, suggesting the plant is ready for watering. This product can help most people get a green thumb.

FAQ & Care

How long does it last?

The root orb is a hand crafted organic pot. It lasts 1-4 years depending on how you water it, see below.

When to water?

For drought-tolerant plants, water when the orb is dry at the bottom and for tropical water-loving plants such as ferns, water when the orb is just about dry at the bottom. Orbs love the even saturation once they are dry.

How do I water my orb? 

Use a decorative dish/bowl preferably glass,
ceramic, or plastic. Allow the bottom to go almost dry on orb.
Add water to the dish it sits in; allow to absorb as as needed till
the orb is wet 3/4 of the way from bottom to top. Do not allow water
to sit at the bottom of the orb longer then needed (20 min). Drain all excess water.

Watering the orb in a dip & drain fashion. It’s best to designate a bucket just for watering plants and a place for them to drain. Draining them is important so that stagnant water does not collect in the plant’s sitting surface. Stagnant water can result in unhealthyplants.  We don’t recommend hosing down the Orb as this may erode the organic material much faster. Also, the orb will stay hydrated longer if dipped rather than if you mist or hose down. Larger 10” heavier plants can be watered the same way or by putting water at the base. The container needs to be able to handle water so use glass or plastic dishes. Allow the orb to absorb all of the water and remove extra water.

Outdoors: be sure plant sits on a draining dish. So no water is
collected. Follow directions on top.

How do I feed my orb? 

Feeding the orb is easy by adding
water-soluble food to the bucket water once a month or as indicated in the plant food instructions.Food sticks work well with most plants.

What kind of water do I use? 

Use well, rain, or filtered water.
Remember that plants are grown in nurseries with well water, not city
water. If you must use city water, allow water to sit out overnight 8+ hours for the chlorine to evaporate.

What do I do with the roots when they pop out of the orb?

You may clip them. This will keep the plant compact and healthy.

What if my orb deteriorates?

Orbs may be planted directly into a pot or the ground as needed. Our Miami store offers Root Orb rehabilitation.

What about bugs?

There are insects that attack all plants. These are easy to kill with a few household recipes. With a cheese grater, grind and dilute an Ivory soap bar. The soapy water will kill most of them.Or, using alcohol or vinegar diluted in water will take care of most pests as well.

What type of container do I use?

Glass bowls work well, and you may
use any type of dish glass, plastic, ceramic or organic. When using a
wood or organic surface such as a basket, protect the surface with
aluminum foil or multipurpose sealing wrap “Press’n Seal”. We suggest that you cover the liner with rocks, shells, or as desired.

Can I return my plants?

Be sure you select plants that suit your home lighting and temperature conditions. All sales are final. Be sure to ask how to care for your plants. Call with any questions you have about care (305 666 2531) or email us: 

Temperature and Plants?

Please do not expose the plants to extreme heat. A hot car with closed windows will kill all living things. Heat damage results in brown spots. A car that has been parked in the sun may have hot vinyl or leather and when a plant touches the hot surface it will burn. Tropical plants don’t do well in cold climates, so bring them indoors when it gets cold.

Lighting and Plants? 

Most plants prefer natural light. If you don’t have natural light, choose species that can tolerate artificial
lighting.We have a few species at the store that perform well with
incandescent lighting. They will need about 6 to 8 hrs of lighting.

Growth on Orbs?

Manicure your Orb if weeds grow. White snow mold can be removed with a chlorine wipe after the orb is watered be sure not to touch plant leaves. Green moss is good companion and helps keep The orb integrity longer.